who am i

Jonathan D. Poole

DevOps Engineer / AWS Certified

Professional Engineer focusing on all things 'DevOps'. Specializing in applcation delivery pipelines, from commit to ship. 20 Years experience of System Administration, Development, Infrastructure Design, Operations/Maintenance and Support. I love to automate and increase velocity to ship high quality code.

Efforts focused on public clouds (AWS/Azure), using a wide range of tools. Packer, Vagrant, Sparkleformation, Spinnaker, Prometheus, Grafana, Graphite, StatsD, CollectD, PagerDuty, AWS, Docker, Azure, and VMware.

  • Name Jonathan D. Poole
  • Date of birth Ides Of March
  • Location Ontario, Canada
  • Email inquiries@digitaljedi.ca
  • Phone Contact Me for Information
  • Github digitaljedi2

professional skills

  • Ruby

  • Python

  • Bash

  • Php (I try not to use this anymore)

  • AWS

  • VMware

  • AZure

  • SQL

  • HBase

  • NoSQL



Sr. DevOps Engineer – NCR Canada

July 2016 - Current

Maintained multiple AWS Accounts in performance, staging, production manors Built infrastructure as code with Cloudformation, Chef, Ansible, Test-kitchen, Vagrant, Packer, and some ruby/bash (aws-cli scripts) Continuous integration and continuous deployment pipelines utilised with test-kitchen, vra/vro, jenkins, and sparkleformation Monitored infrastructure with AWS Cloudwatch, site24x7 and Pagerduty. Implemented ELK/EFK Stack for Log Aggregation Implemented Graphite/Grafana/Prometheus PoC for metric and alert management. Managed/Maintained Hortonworks HDP Cluster on Ec2 (Kafka, Storm, Zookeeper, Region, Phoenix, HBase)

Cloud Infrastructure Specialist – Auvik Networks

Oct 2013 - June 2016

Maintained multiple AWS Accounts Built infrastructure as code with Cloudformation, Chef, Test-kitchen, Vagrant, Packer, and some ruby/bash (aws-cli scripts) Built end user `agent` pre-packaged OVA for import Built end user `agent` install script with bash Managed code pipeline from commit to deploy utilising ‘devops kung-fu’ workflow. # ref: https://github.com/chef/devops-kungfu Continuous integration and continuous deployment utilised with test-kitchen, bamboo, jenkins, and capistrano. Monitored infrastructure with AWS Cloudwatch, Pingdom and Pagerduty.

Senior Systems Administrator – Looksmart LTD

Jan 2012 - Oct 2013

Maintain/Support Large CPC network Cfengine/Puppet Cisco Nexus Platform Large Scale Deployment (1000+ nodes) BigIP F5 Infrastructure Hadoop Administration Multiple data center deployments Continuous Integration and automated deployments VMware/OpenStack/AWS Virtualized Environments

Senior Systems Architect – Evantage Industries Corporation

Jan 2009 - Dec 2011

Design and Implementation of Customer Projects Network Configuration Cisco Configuration Heterogeneous Network Design (Mac/PC/Linux) Vmware ESXi/vSphere 4 infrastructure Infrastructure design and management. SAN Administrator IT Management Development Analysis Frequent Traveling to Dallas/San Francisco/Hartford

Systems Administrator - Manager - Intelligent Mechatronic Systems

Jan 2008 - Aug 2009

Data Center Operations Linux, Cisco, HP EVA, Procurve, W2k3 Team Lead VMwware ESXi/Vsphere 4 Infrastructure Data Center Operations 20-25 Managed Customer Solutions


Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect - Associate

Jan 2016

Draught Beer Dispense Specialist – MicroMatic

Aug 2011

VMware Certified Professional – vSphere 4

Apr 2010



Confident in managing multiple AWS environments, dev, test, stage, prod. Proficient in cloudformation, ec2, vpc's, elb's, cloudwatch, SNS, SQS, route53, apigateway, codecommt, codedeploy, codepipeline, elasticsearch, s3, glacier, SES, IAM, EMR, Lambda, WorkMail, Directory Service


Confident in writing, testing, validating Chef Cookbooks using test-kitchen, chef-zero, chef-server, vagrant, and managing dependent cookbooks.


I'm metrics obsessed, grafana, cloudwatch, graphite, kibana, elasticsearch, logstash, firehose, pagerduty, SNS, slack, and hipchat. I feel if you can't collect metrics on your application, how you deliver your application, how you keep your application running, you can't measure the success of it.

Operating Systems

Comfortable in Linux Operating Systems, Ubuntu/RHEL, MacOS. Can work on Microsoft Operating Systems (2012R2, 2016), SQL Server, Exchange, Active Directory. Limited exposure to Solaris.


Comfortable with ruby, python and git. Understand basic branching models, merging, linting tools and code quality techniques.

Problem Solving

I like to think outside the box, provide creative, clever approaches to technical problems and delivering cost effective cloud solutions to common deliverables